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The Sheltered" is a top-down adventure game with an emphasis on exploration and decision making. Players assume the role of a survivor in a world plagued by a deadly outbreak. The government announces their plans deal with infected by means of nuclear weapons. Lucky enough, there's a fallout shelter in the player's front yard - and enough food and water to last. But other survivors want in.The player must decide who to save and who to leave. Survivors range from children to experienced adults, offering help. Deciding who to save will ultimately effect the ending. However, it's not enough to simply invite another survivor into the shelter. Each require supplies to last their stay. While the player only has enough for himself, he can explore the land, braving the infected in search of additional supplies.Combining old school graphics and simple gameplay with modern storytelling and a multitude of choices, "The Sheltered" pushes a choice between safety and morals.

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